Birthday Cakes

It is that special birthday - delivery made easy to your doorstep.

Birthday Cakes Johannesburg

Our birthday cakes can be many with a single flavour or many flavours. Have you tasted a Red Velvet or Black Velvet (Chocolate) flavoured Birthday Cake? What about a Vanilla Velvet cake?
We would love to know if the birthday girl or boy has a favourite cake flavour preference. 

Chocolate and Honey peanut butter, perhaps!

We love cakes and the exploration of a new flavour will make our day. We also love working with new designs. So let us know what you would like and let the professionals fashion your dream birthday cake.
Birthday cakes and celebration cakes

Celebration Cake

What is a celebration cake? It is a fine cake for any celebration. We have been custom baking cakes since 2010.
We are proud of our unique perception when it comes to cake creation. Somehow our cakes are remembered.
The team is an asset with passion and talent. from small cakes to celebrations as big as a wedding, we can do it. Let your imagination run and we will complete the celebration cake.

Celebration cakes are baked fresh on site according to your order. We use fresh ingredients that make sure your celebration cakes taste as great as they look.

Understanding how important your celebration is makes the occasion special. Talk to us about how we can make your celebration cake
Birthday cakes for kids and children are what we love to do. Try our tasty cakes at your children's birthday

Birthday Cakes

Kids Birthday cakes are a subject that can brought up many months before the big day. The day is magical and very exciting for the kids. For the kids it seems to take forever to arrive.
As a parent, we want the day to be memorable.
That is why the birthday cake is a big deal. The key is to get the birthday cake right. The cake should be fun, exciting and especially tasty. So choosing the cake should also be a great experience. Call us today and see how easy this can be.
We have done hundreds of kids birthday cakes and so you could say this is a walk in the park for Cakes Johannesburg.
Your cake wont be the same as a shelf cake. It will be one of a kind and hand made with love.
Birthday party cakes are a great deal. Let us help you to get it done right in a way your kids will remember

Birthday Cake Guide

Think of the kind of movies your children are watching allot of these days. If it is Frozen for example then a Frozen themed cake will do the trick. think of the colours too and add this into the concept of the cake. Do you know of a few characters in the movie that stand out? Maybe we can add some cupcakes with a character theme too.
Then we look at the texture of the cake, do your children love sponge, red velvet or are the chocolate fans? Fluffy cakes with lots of icing are always a winner at birthdays.
Always remember that cakes are fun for adults too, so make sure there is enough to take home too.
Call us to discuss pick up or delivery. We want to talk about making your birthday a wonderful experience.

We love celebrations

Talk to a specialist today about a cake
​for your special occasion
087 550 8854
Kids cakes are meant to be colourful and tasty, we do it right

Kids Cakes

Think colour and excitement for your birthday cake. Kids love our cakes and often ask about the cake when they next are invited to a birthday party. Whether is is a Minion or M&M cake, it is sure to bring some smiles to kids faces. It also allows for bragging rights and often parents will ask "where did you get that cake?"

Wait until you taste the cake, all sorts of great sensations will fill your mouth. Our experienced chefs are amazing at creating the most delightful birthdays cakes in Johannesburg.
Novelty and themed cakes always make for conversation at a party

Novelty Cakes

We make a great range of novelty cakes. Shapes, sizes and concepts dont hinder us. Check out our gallery for inspiration.
There is no limit to the kind of cakes we can do. If you have seen an image or have a design in mind, talk to us and we can create a cake for you
Early notice also allows for a well crafted cake...
Gourmet cakes can be light or heavy, you tell us your favourite cake style

Gourmet Cakes

Our cakes are always fresh because we only use the freshest ingredients in our gourmet cakes. Our pride is in the taste of our cakes when our customers taste them. We have done so many cakes that there is something for everyone and yet every month there is something new, will that be your cake? From dense "mud" cakes to light and fluffy vanilla cakes, you are guaranteed a mouth sensation like never before.
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