Birthday Cakes

It is that special birthday - delivery made easy to your doorstep.
cakes for a milestone birthday. We bake cakes for any birthday. This cake was baked in Johannesburg South Africa

Birthday Cakes Johannesburg

We love cakes and the exploration of new flavours will make our day. We have put together some very special flavour combinations over the years but would truly love to experiment should you have a flavour idea we have not yet tested. We also love working with new designs. So let us know what you want and then let the professionals get to work creating your dream birthday cake.
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cakes with a frozen theme are perfect for a birthday cake. This cake was baked in Johannesburg South Africa
Birthday cakes and celebration cakes

Celebration Cake

We have been baking celebration cakes for the residents of Johannesburg and environs since 2010. Every cake we create is baked with the sole purpose of forever being remembered. Our cakes symbolise celebrations and our professional team will do everything they can to meet your expectations no matter how big or how small your order.
Birthday cakes for kids and children are what we love to do. Try our tasty cakes at your children's birthday

Birthday Cakes

Kids’ birthday cakes are one of our specialities. We do everything we can to make their birthday cake magical and exciting. And, to prove our point, browse through our online gallery for examples of cakes you could redesign for your child’s memorable day.
Birthday party cakes are a great deal. Let us help you to get it done right in a way your kids will remember

Birthday Cake Guide

Fluffy cakes with lots of icing are always a winner at children’s birthday parties. But then adults too can have some fun with the theme, design and flavour of the cake. Give us a call to discuss making your birthday party a wonderful experience.

We love celebrations

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Kids cakes are meant to be colourful and tasty, we do it right

Kids Cakes

Think colour and excitement for this birthday cake. Combine your ideas with those of our experienced confectioners to create an amazing and delightful birthday cake.
Novelty and themed cakes always make for conversation at a party

Novelty Cakes

We make a great range of novelty cakes. We have no constraints when it comes to shapes, sizes and concepts. Once again our gallery could help inspire your imagination. Our range is limitless. Talk to us but, remember, give us enough time to create your fantasy novelty cake. Placing your order timeously ensures success.
Birthday cakes usually have a theme and history shows us that candles and gifts have been a part of a birthday cake celebration for many ages. This image was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

Birthday Cakes history

It is commonplace in South Africa to celebrate birthdays with a cake. Birthday cakes date back to ancient Greece when cakes were baked to commemorate the birthdays of gods and goddesses. Today, the candles that we light on birthday cakes can be linked to the Greek moon god, Artemis, who insisted that her birthday cake be covered in lit candles. In the middle ages, the English would conceal symbolic items inside the birthday cake to forecast the finder's future. Items such as gold coins, rings and thimbles were hidden inside the cake. 

Many superstitions have evolved over the years about cutting into a birthday cake. These include making a wish if the knife touches the bottom of the plate or kissing the person standing next to you if crumbs of the cake adhere to the surface of the knife. Another superstition and one still in practice today is to make a wish when blowing out the candles. If all the candles are blown out with the first puff, then the wish will come true.
Cakes Johannesburg can bake a birthday cake for these celebrations:
• Birthday cakes for girls
• Birthday cakes for boys
• Birthday cakes for men
• Birthday cakes for women
• 40th birthday cakes
• 50th birthday cakes
• 60th birthday cakes
• 70th birthday cakes
• 80th birthday cakes…and all the years between!

Make Cakes Johannesburg your one-stop-cake-shop. We offer a wonderfully user-friendly online service and will deliver your celebration cake right to your doorstep.
Gourmet cakes can be light or heavy, you tell us your favourite cake style

Gourmet Cakes

At Cakes Johannesburg we use only the best and the freshest of ingredients to create our gourmet cakes. We take great pride in the texture and flavour of our cakes. Our wide range includes dense "mud" cakes to light and fluffy vanilla cakes. You are also guaranteed an unforgettable flavour sensation.
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