Baby Shower Cakes

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Baby Shower Cupcakes make sense and there is no mess. This picture was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

Baby Shower Cupcakes

Cupcakes are ideal for baby showers. Firstly, most of your guests are probably watching their weight. Secondly, individual cupcakes are easy to serve and will save you a load of dishes to wash! We can convert any design and incorporate any flavour into cupcakes of your choice. You could even have the names of all your guests individually iced onto their cupcake - a special treat for a very special occasion.
Free and instant cake quotes. This image was designed by Cakes Johannesburg South Africa
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Baby showers can entertain a Cupcake or Jam tower that brings life to the room. Enjoy. This cupcake tower picture was taken in Johannesburg South Africa
The baby shower cake can give a hint to the presents that the new parents are expecting. This image was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

Baby Shower Cakes

The perfect baby shower brings together your closest friends and family members to celebrate the upcoming arrival of your bundle of joy. Cakes Johannesburg has established itself as a leading supplier of baby shower confections, so contact them NOW to order the cake of your choice.
CHristening Cakes and Baby Shower cakes are all a pleasure to bake here at Cakes Johannesburg. This image was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

Christening Cakes

The Christening of your newborn is an extremely significant occasion. And this is also the time at which family and friends gather to celebrate your baby’s arrival and the road ahead. Nothing beats a Christening cake to commemorate the event. We, here, at Cakes Johannesburg, are extremely proud of the confections that we design for these events.
Baby shower cakes for boys can include a cake with a car theme. The parents of the new baby are normally very excited. This image was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

Your family and friends have gathered to help you celebrate the arrival of your son. Let us help you to create a cake, or individual cupcakes, to commemorate this very special occasion.
Baby Shower cakes with Baby shower cupcakes make a great theme for new parents. The cake can also set the tone for the gifts that the parents expect. This imgae was taken in Johannesburg South Africa

Baby Shower Cakes

Baby showers are customary to welcome a child into the world. These events are usually organised by relatives of close friends of the pregnant mother. This is an occasion at which the mother-to-be receives gifts for her unborn child. It is also a time at which everyone present celebrates the upcoming birth of the baby with refreshments and cake. Cakes Johannesburg offers a variety of options for these events, from multi-tiered cakes to individual cupcakes. These are usually theme-oriented, such as icing depicting baby booties and teddy bears, storks and baby nappies. A popular choice is a cupcake tower, a speciality which we are very proud to offer our customers.
Cakes for girls are so much fun. This baby shower cupcake stand for girls was designed and babked by Cakes Johannesburg.

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

You’re practically beaming about carrying a daughter, and you can’t wait to meet her. But just because you’re having a girl doesn’t mean that your party must look like Barbie’s house. There are plenty of different shades of pastel that can be used instead of all-pink pastries. Cakes Johannesburg is here to work with you to create a baby shower cake that will make your unborn baby girl very happy indeed.

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