Baby Shower Cakes

It is Baby Shower day - delivery made easy to the venue.
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Baby Shower Cakes

The perfect baby shower brings together your closest friends and family members to celebrate your coming bundle of joy. However, it doesn’t take long for any gathering to turn into a stressful situation.
One way to ensure that your day’s plans run smoothly is with the ideal selection of custom baby shower cakes. Whether you prefer something traditional or finger food-friendly baby shower cupcakes, the right dessert helps soothe your group’s tensions.
Cakes Johannesburg continues baking the highest quality desserts for baby showers, christening cakes, and other significant events surrounding the birth of your new family member. We can help you find the perfect design, texture, and taste to welcome your son or lovely baby shower cakes for girls.
Whatever you need us to create for your special day, we guarantee a spread that looks every bit as great as it tastes. Contact us now to make your shower its best today.
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Baby Shower Cakes for Boys

You’ve brought together your mum, your sisters, your best friends from your old sorority and others to celebrate your future son. However, marking his arrival in a woman-driven environment isn’t always straightforward.
We tastefully create desserts that fit right in at your gathering without becoming a distraction. When other bakeries go too far to ensure you know that their cakes are just for boys, you’ll always receive a treat that you’ll love from us.
Before you wind up with another boring blue sheet cake, let us make your best desserts for any occasion. See why soon to be mums choose us for baby shower cakes for boys.

Wedding cakes Johannesburg can be delivered as far away as Sun City

Baby Shower Cakes for Girls

You’re practically beaming about carrying a daughter, and you can’t wait to meet her. However, why does it seem as though every cake you can find for your upcoming shower nothing but gaudy pink platters of frosting?
Just because you’re having a girl doesn’t mean that your party must look like Barbie’s house. There are plenty of shades that feel feminine without settling for all-pink pastries.
Whether you have a custom design in mind or you need something more than what a grocery store bakery would have, we can help you discover the ideal baby girl’s cake. Give your shower the best in confectionery creations by choosing us today.


Baby Shower Cupcakes

You’re already serving tiny paper plates and appetisers, so where are you supposed to store, and serve, a full-sized cake? For too many baby showers, the cake winds up dominating the table, becoming an inconvenience to all in attendance.
Cupcakes are much easier to manage with or without plates, and they can easily get enjoyed with one hand. Otherwise, you’ll have a sink full of dishes to look forward to once all your guests leave.
We can take virtually any cake flavor or design and convert it into easier to manage treats. When you need desserts that are easier to enjoy, you can’t go wrong with a custom-baked cupcake.

Christening Cakes

In religious households, a christening remains a significant event for your newborn baby. As such, it helps to stock the celebration with food, desserts, and beverages to transform it into a proper family gathering.
When you need cakes that celebrate your child’s christening, we provide the best in tasty creations that can please a crowd. Why settle for ordinary pre-baked goods when you can enjoy your custom cakes for less?
You don’t need to settle for the same tasteless, ugly cakes and uninspired premade designs when we provide a better way to celebrate the day. Contact Cakes Johannesburg today for your best baby shower creations.

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