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Special occasion cupcakes can make a wedding cake stand look so beautiful. This wedding was in Johannesburg South Africa

Cakes for weddings

Weddings are a time for family and friends to gather to celebrate a new union. While tears may be shed during the wedding ceremony, the reception is a totally different matter. Here everyone lets their hair down and applaud as the newly-married couple takes to the floor for the traditional first dance. Then it’s the big moment – the moment when they cut their wedding cake.
Free and instant cake quotes. This image was designed by Cakes Johannesburg South Africa
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Wedding cakes can be made so yummy that there are none left at the end of the day. That often happens to our cakes.
wedding cakes and tier cakes are our favourites. Wedding cakes sybilise a happy and succesful marrige.

Wedding Cakes Johannesburg

When it comes to selecting the cake to celebrate your wedding, Cakes Johannesburg is here for you. We continue providing the best in custom creations for more happy couples throughout the greater Johannesburg area and for the South Africa community from further afield From traditional ornate wedding cake designs to something more modern, our bakery has stood the test of time and will deliver the cake of your dreams directly to your reception venue.

History of the wedding cake design

The style of the traditional wedding cake has changed considerably over the years. The tradition dates back to Roman Times when a wedding cake was broken over the bride’s head to symbolise fertility. Today, the wedding cake symbolises good fortune and happiness. Whether you prefer the ornately decorated traditional wedding cake or the thoroughly modern trend of cupcake-tiered creations, Cakes Johannesburg is your perfect partner to bake this memorable confection. Even with a restricted budget, we can provide a stunning wedding cake.
wedding cakes can be simple or complex. This simple cake has a flower design to it that says a breath of fresh air.

Johannesburg Wedding Cakes

At first, you had wanted a standard three-tier white cake for your special day. And then, you made the mistake of going on social media, where you saw hundreds of custom designs, colours, and shapes that others had enjoyed. Now that you feel inspired, you’re afraid that a usual romantic wedding cake isn’t going to feel like enough. However, no matter which direction you need to take your cake, our staff can assist you every time. Whether you’re searching for something picture-picture, something whimsical or wild, we can help make your wedding dreams come true. Just have a look at our user-friendly online gallery to fire your imagination. Then contact us online to schedule a consultation.
Cheesecakes make a great option for grooms. This style of weeding cake is a choice the guests wont forget.

Custom Grooms Cakes

The groom's wedding cake is a tradition that originated in Victorian England. A more masculine cake, it usually incorporates unexpected flavours and fillings chosen by the groom. Single guests at the wedding will often place a slice of the groom’s cake under their pillow when they go to bed at night, believing this act will attract a life partner. Contact Cakes Johannesburg for the best groom and wedding cakes.

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