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Special occasion cupcakes can make a wedding cake stand look so beautiful. This wedding was in Johannesburg South Africa

Cakes for weddings

Weddings are a time for family and friends to get together.
Then there is that traditional moment that the bride and groom get together to cut the cake. 

This is the moment when the wedding cake is a showpiece and will always be in the pictures that are taken.

This is the moment that the cake has to look almost as good as the bride.
Free and instant cake quotes. This image was designed by Cakes Johannesburg South Africa
Wedding cakes can be made so yummy that there are none left at the end of the day. That often happens to our cakes.
wedding cakes and tier cakes are our favourites. Wedding cakes sybilise a happy and succesful marrige.

Wedding Cakes Johannesburg

When you’re planning your wedding, you already feel the pressure to have everything appear perfect for your friends, family, and special guests. These days, however, that anxiety extends to everything from the venue, to even the cake.
Wedding cakes seem always to get created with traditional overtones. And while it’s nice to know what to expect, others think it’s not colourful enough.
Whether you are seeking out a romantic pastry offering or a typical cake for your special occasion, Cakes Johannesburg is here for you. We continue providing the best in custom creations for more happy couples throughout the greater Johannesburg, South Africa community.
From ornate designs and the perfect butter icing to something that uniquely represents you, we can help you find the ideal cake each time. Why waste time with the same boring cakes you can find anywhere when we remain here for your order today?

History of the wedding cake design

The style of the traditional wedding cake has differed considerably changed over time. Once an indicator of fertility, the wedding event cake of the Roman Empire was constructed from wheat or Barley. The small cake was then damaged over the bride's head, celebrating her fertility.

The layout of the wedding event cake altered as well as it came to be a practice to load a number of little cakes on top of each other. The couple then try to kiss over the top of the cakes.The aim was to avoid knocking the cakes over. A successful kiss was a good sign, bringing a lifetime of prosperity to the brand-new couple.

The present traditional style of wedding cakes first showed up in the 1660's. A French Cook seeing London attended a cake stacking event. He was stunned at the method the cakes were stacked on top of each other, and also how commonly they tipped over, so he produced the tiered iced design of wedding cakes we understand today.
The wedding cake is more than just a desert at your reception. It is a sign of good luck and also happiness in your marriage. Your guests always appreciate the wedding cake. Even on a restricted budget, we can provide a stunning wedding cake. Affordable choices could consist of getting a simple tiered cake or a decorated wedding cake.
wedding cakes can be simple or complex. This simple cake has a flower design to it that says a breath of fresh air.

Johannesburg Wedding Cakes

At first, you had wanted a standard three-tier white cake for your special day. And then, you made the mistake of going on social media, where you saw hundreds of custom designs, colours, and shapes that others had enjoyed.
Now that you feel inspired, you’re afraid that a usual romantic wedding cake isn’t going to feel like enough. However, no matter which direction you need to take your cake, our staff can best assist you each time.
Whether you’re searching for a picture-picture dessert that’s almost too good to eat, or something whimsical or wild, we have already made them all. You can find past designs in the online image gallery, or schedule a consultation, and we can get to work on your edible artwork.
Even our plain white cakes don’t need to appear boring with the right decorative touches. Make sure that your wedding cake remains in the best bakers’ hands by hiring us now.
Cheesecakes make a great option for grooms. This style of weeding cake is a choice the guests wont forget.

Custom Grooms Cakes

For many grooms, they can feel shoved out of the way when planning out the wedding ceremony. However, isn’t this supposed to be about celebrating both of your day of matrimony?
One of the best traditions around is the inclusion of a groom’s cake. Most guests aren’t looking to see what the groom ordered, and it often gets more flexibility in what flavors or appearances it can have.
Some grooms go so far as to have a pie served, but we remain partial to serving cake. When you need a themed groom’s cake to accompany the centerpiece wedding dessert, we can assist you with that as well.
No matter who will be enjoying it with you, we’ll make sure it hits the spot after a hectic day of getting married. Contact us for your best groom and wedding cakes today and make sure your guests love your selection.

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